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II. Plant-based resources and optimization of crop productivity

Plants are the base of human nutrition. Moreover, plants serve as bioreactors for the recombinant production of industrial raw materials, such as biomass, or of valuable compounds with therapeutic effects. The optimization of plant stress-tolerance holds the possibility to have plants grow on marginal soils or under sub-optimal climate conditions. For many years, plant research at the MLU has an internationally leading role in the investigation of biochemical mechanisms underlying plant stress adaptaion and the modulation of plant stress tolerance. Projects of category II will utilize the expertise of the research focus ares plant biochemistry on plant stress tolerance with a particular focus on the transfer of new concepts to crop plants. It is an important goal of the Research Focus Program to enable new proof-of-concept studies as a key prerequisite for the future acquisition of new industry partners on site. Research on plant stress tolerance and plant genetic modifications requires substantial experise and equipment, which are both available on-site in Halle

Project 2-1

Prof. Dr. Sacha Baginsky (MLU Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Dr. Nico Dissmeyer (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry)

Project 2-2

Prof. Dr. Ingo Heilmann (MLU Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Project 2-3

Prof. Dr. Klaus Humbeck (MLU Biology)

Project 2-4

Prof. Dr. Edgar Peiter (MLU Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences)

Project 2-5

Dr. Anja Raschke (MLU Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Rene Csuk (MLU Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. Holger Deising (MLU Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences)

Project 2-6

Prof. Dr. Marcel Quint (MLU Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences)