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I. Development of therapeutical agents and proteins

Therapeutic agents and proteins can be produced in large amounts and with great purity by using bioreactors and biotechnologically optimized recombinant expression systems. Projects in category I will use the expertise available in the research focus area of protein biochemistry. New therapeutic agents with effects on known pathologically relevant proteins as well as new proteins with relevance for known pathologies will be identified and characterized. Biochemical research on such agents and proteins requires substantial experise and equipment, which are both available on-site in Halle.

Project 1-1

Prof. Dr. Frank Bordusa (MLU Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Project 1-2

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hüttelmaier (MLU Medicine)

Project 1-3

PD Dr. Lutz Müller (MLU Medicine)

Project 1-4

Prof. Dr. Markus Pietzsch (MLU Pharmacy)

Project 1-5

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sippl (MLU Pharmacy)