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III. Innovative concepts for target-identification, diagnosis and therapy

In recent years modern bioscience has yielded powerful techniques for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex biological processes (e.g., "omics" technologies). Such global approaches yield large data sets, which can no longer be evaluated intuitively and require computer-assisted evaluation tools. Projects in category III will foster interdisciplinary synergies with computer sciences and other modern approaches to develop new concepts for target-identification, diagnosis or therapy.

Project 3-1

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Bacia (MLU Chemistry)

Project 3-2

Prof. Dr. Sven-Erik Behrens (MLU Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

PD Dr. Selma Gago-Zachert (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry)

Project 3-3

Prof. Dr. Dariush Hinderberger (MLU Chemistry)

Project 3-4

Prof. Dr. Patrick Michl (MLU Medicine)

Project 3-5

Prof. Dr. Klaus Pillen (MLU Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Björn Junker (MLU Pharmacy)

Project 3-6

Prof. Dr. Milton Stubbs (MLU Biochemistry and Biotechnology)