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The research projects within the joint research program fall into the following categories:

1. Structure and function of membrane proteins and their integration into signaling pathways

Biological membranes form the outer barrier of each cell and, in  addition, separate intracellular organelles from each other and from the  cytoplasm.

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2. Proteins in transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation

Gene expression is regulated dependent on cell differentiation and  environmental conditions. This happens first at the level of  transcription.

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3. Protein modification, signal transduction, protein interactions and proteomics

Post-translational protein modifications are important for the  spatially and temporally controlled activation or inactivation of  proteins or signaling events. Examples of such modifications are  phosphorylation, acetylation or ubiquitination.

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4. Protein structure, folding and dynamics

Understanding the mechanisms of catalysed and non-catalysed  protein folding is one of the established research interests in Halle.  The „Mitteldeutsches Zentrum für Struktur und Dynamik von Proteinen“  supports this research focus: Considering conformational states and  structural intermediates occuring during protein folding, protein  structures are described on the atomic level.

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5. Proteins in the regulation of processes in plants

Plants can perceive their environment  and respond to stress, e. g.  through infection by pathogens, herbivorous insects, increased light  intensities or temperatures, by molecular adaption processes. Both  perception of environmental signals and their transformation into  intracellular signals relies on functions of specific proteins.

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